We hope everyone has managed to stay safe and well during this extremely testing period.
Life has changed for us all over the past few months and we, like you, have been doing our best to navigate the new ‘norm’. We closed our doors in line with the Government directive back in March along with the rest of the country to keep our affiliates and guests safe, but we are now ready to reopen with guidelines in place


The safety and wellbeing of our affiliates and customers remains our primary focus, and we have invested heavily to ensure social distancing and other recommendations will be followed. A dedicated, specialist team will be continually reviewing and, if necessary, adjusting all procedures once we re-open, so please be assured that we are doing all we can to protect you, your families and our office team.


We will make sure our working space will be cleansed and sanitized everyday as part of UK Goverment guidelines to ensure we contain any strain of the virus and to keep a clean co-working space. We have also introduced a santization station and the appropriate signs to combat COVID-19 whilst engaging in a 2 metre distancing rule.


Our contracted Brand Ambassadors will be wearing Face Shields, Masks and carrying Hand Sanitzer when representing a specific client to ensure customer safety. Every Brand Ambassador will be temperature tested on a daily basis before brand representation commences.


Our dedicated team will be monitoring the UK governments national & international guidelines to contain the virus as best as we possibly can. With these measures in place we are extremely confident we will protect our workforce to interrupt chains of infection so the country can get back to some type of normality.